The UK’s First Sexual Health Chatbot

AI-powered support for sexual healthcare services developed by sexual health charity Positive East and Japeto.

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Who is Pat?

Pat is a sexual health chatbot developed by Positive East and Japeto.

It uses Japeto’s conversational AI message processor to interpret user questions and responds with pre-scripted responses that can be tailored to your organisation.

Pat can understand free text questions from users, or they can use buttons with suggested chat options. The chatbot can provide over 300 different responses.

Pat is available at a single monthly cost, including onboarding and customisation.

Reliable information

Pat is a scripted chatbot. This means it does not make up (or “generate”) its own answers, but uses pre-scripted responses to ensure that every response has been reviewed for accuracy.

Everything Pat says can be customised to your needs – including editing responses to point to your services and matching the information and tone of your organisation.

Pat comes with a pre-built library of sexual health information reviewed by clinicians for accuracy.

300+ conversation topics

Covering information including long-acting reversible contraception, STI testing, signposting to your services, pregnancy information, vaginal healthcare, PEP and PrEP information, and much more!

Around-the-clock support

A digital assistant can never replace your team, but it can provide instant answers and signpost to common questions at all hours.

Unlike a phone line, Pat provides after-hours support and can answer multiple questions at the same time for different visitors.

24/7 responses

Multiple visitors at once

No wait time for answers

Data-based decisions, done safely

Get enhanced analytics based on your Pat’s usage that provide deeper insights into the needs of site visitors.

We aggregate insights over time into easy-to-track metrics so you can see demand for your services, issues service users are flagging, or common requests you may be missing.

Track topic trends

Identify new service areas

Find issues

We do the work (and you stay in control)



Your account manager will work with you to understand your service and branding requirements then update a version of Pat, just for you.



We create a demo chatbot for you to test before any service users can see it. We'll work with you to make any modifications needed.



When you're happy with your new chatbot, our developers will work with your web developer to get Pat on your site. Pat is easily deployed with a single line of code.



We proactively monitor your chatbot usage over time and make improvements. You can review reports to help make data-based decisions and also ask for updates to your version of Pat.


Safety first automation

We are experienced working with the NHS. Chatbot Pat has been risk-assessed by a clinical safety officer to ensure we have a safe and effective work flow for creating, reviewing and managing Pat.

We only collect the data needed to make Pat work, and have created customisable settings so you can decide how long you want to collect and store message data and what to collect.

You can track and manage your Pat through a secure dashboard with multi-factor authentication.

See how else we're making AI safe for sexual healthcare

ICO Registered

Cyber Essentials Certified

DBS Checked

Data Security & Protection Toolkit

From our partners

Working with Japeto to build Pat has been an incredible experience. Pat has transformed our ability to provide accurate HIV and sexual health information. Through Pat, we’re able to reach significant numbers of people at, importantly, times convenient for them, 365/24/7. Without Pat, we’d have reduced capacity to support the good sexual health of our community.
Ian Montgomery
Head of Fundraising and Communications, Positive East
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About us

Pat was built with the expertise of Positive East and the technical know-how of Japeto.

Part of every chatbot service fee goes back to Positive East to offer HIV testing and prevention in East London.

Japeto is a long term technical partner for sexual health and LGBTQ+ organisations in the UK. We are proud to support small to large organisations in improving their digital services.

We’re here to answer all your questions

Most of our clients are trying out chatbots and automation tools for the first time in their organisation. We’re experienced AI developers here to help.

You can ask for changes directly from your management dashboard or contact your account manager.

The longest part of setup is reviewing the script and asking for edits. We recommend a month to give time to request edits and review your demo chatbot.

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